The Contemporary Guitarist

The Contemporary Guitarist: Methods for the Worship Musician  by Jimmy Cox is a complete guitar method series for those who wish to become quality worship musicians! This course is for anyone, even if you've never touched a guitar before. The included CD contains all songs and exercises, and the accompanying DVD is like having your very own instructor for every lesson!

Level 1 includes: how to play all common open chords, complete with diagrams, photos, and exercises; songs by transMission, one of the Salvation Army's premier praise bands, as well as other classic hymns; suggestions for other popular songs that can be played at different points in the book and QR code links to extra online content. 

Level 2 includes: how to play chord alterations, sharp and flat notes, barre chords, and how to use a capo; more songs by transMission; more suggestions for other popular songs, and QR code links to extra online content. 

Level 3 is intended for publication in the future! Keep checking back for more information.