Soldier's Hymn

Soldier's Hymn: transMission Accompaniments for Piano  was published as an answer to many requests for piano parts for popular transMission songs. All transMission albums include lead sheets, but many classically trained piano players may find these difficult to play from. Phil Laeger has arranged ten popular transMission songs for piano in this collection. It can be used as an accompaniment of a soloist or to lead worship. 

A demo CD is included to help you learn the songs.  

The songs included are: 

  1. Jesus, O Jesus
  2. Love
  3. Your Holy Love
  4. I Surrender
  5. Send the Fire! 
  6. Be Like Jesus
  7. I Know a Fount
  8. I'm in His Hands
  9. Soldier's Hymn
  10. That You Love Me