Bethany Farrell

Bethany Farrell first learned how to read music at her mothers' piano, and Music and Arts have been a part of her life ever since. She spent every summer attending Music and Arts Conservatories around the Southern Territory, and enjoyed being a part of many upstanding performance groups include Texas Brass, Texas Divisional Ensemble, GA Divisional Band, Southern Territorial Band, and Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble, and TAM. Her love for the arts led her to study Arts and Performance at the University of Texas at Dallas, and she graduated Magna Cum Laude 2008. From there, she has found "home" in many places, including New York, where she was a member of the TAM Team while teaching early childhood music and Kindermusik at the Children's Aid Society, and Georgia, where she became the Divisional Creative Arts Director in 2010. She joined the Territorial Music and Arts Education Department in 2016, and is excited to lead the Creative Arts ever onwards into God's purposes. Bethany and her husband, Tim, have two fantastic young daughters, Eleanor & Rosalie.