Matt Woods

Matthew Woods hails from Portsmouth, U.K. but has lived in The U.S.A. since 2006. Matt grew up attending The Salvation Army as his church home since he was a few days old and showed a keen interest in all the music that was around him at home and at “The Army.”  Often in a Sunday meeting the young Matt would be wielding a baton impersonating the bandmaster. Matt got involved in the Singing Company and Y.P. Band as soon as he could and grew up participating in Army music making.

Matt is most respected for his vocal abilities and his choral conducting. Playing Cornet in the band was his first love, but he participated in Youth Chorus because it was a great way to meet folks and have “a laugh.” Soon the combination of text and melody really struck a chord with Matt and was/is a massive part of his faith foundation. Singing words which “speak life and light” this is what he wants to pass on to others that come under his leadership.

Matt Currently works in the USA Western Territory as the Music Education Specialist and is leader of the Territorial Youth Chorus. In September Matt will be taking on the responsibility as Songster Leader at Pasadena Tabernacle Corps.