A Page in TMI History – Brigadier Leslie Hall Band

The Hall Band is named after Brigadier Leslie Hall, who entered The Salvation Army School for Officer Training in Atlanta after serving during the war in the United States Army Intelligence at the Pentagon.  

Territorial Music Institute (TMI) 1954, Rec Hall Band rehearsing with Major Leslie Hall. Camp Grandview, Jasper, GA.

Les Hall wrote the march “Salisbury” (published in First Marches and Selections during a corps appointment in Salisbury, MD.  He also served in headquarters appointments in the Carolinas and ALM Divisions, as Territorial Social Services Secretary, and at the Officer Training School.  In the 1960s, Les Hall served as Territorial Music Secretary.  Brigadier Les Hall put his mark on TMI by bringing in special guests such as Bernard Adams, Les Condon, Morley Calvert, and John Hallett.  Above all else, Les Hall was always concerned with the spiritual condition of bandsmen.  Countless musicians across the South have become better persons through the musical influence, positive example, leadership and vision of this great Soldier of Christ.