2016 Territorial Youth Band Roster

The Territorial Youth Band for 2016 has officially been announced. Thank you to everyone who auditioned, and congratulations to those below who will participate in the group at Commissioning!

1st Trombone

Erik Ljungholm

Chase Farrell

2nd Trombone

Chase Thornhill

Toby Gilliam

Bass Trombone

Bryan Rios


Rodney Jean

*Scott Goodier

Eb Tuba

Jared Williams

Anders Ljungholm

Micah Chapman

Bb Tuba

Justin Bowman

Stefan Hall


Peter Kim

Carl Corbitt

Matthew Pulver

Kaitlin Chambless

Soprano Cornet

 *Lousson Smith

Solo Cornet

Anthony Barrington

Terry Wood

Wilber Hernandez

Joseph Renfroe

1st Cornet

Andrew Morris

Nohemi Elias

Jorge Gonzalez

2nd Cornet

Andrew White

Amber Smith

Flugel Horn

Brittany Scott

Solo Horn

Judah Irvin

Joshua Pulver

1st Horn

Alison Soderstrom

Briauna James

2nd Horn

Jessica Flores

1st Baritone

Jessica Smith

Sara Daniels

2nd Baritone

Kerry Johnson

Noah Lind


* Chaperone/Helper