STYB leads worship at The Tab and much more...

Sunday morning started early for the STYB. Our breakfast was an hour before everyone else. We arrived at Pasadena Tabernacle (The Tab) for a short rehearsal in preparation for the morning service. On my walk to the dining hall I looked up and saw the mountains that surround us. The sun was shining although there was a chill in the air. God is the master creator!

These guys did a great job leading worship. The music was great and the spirit was sweet. Michael Cash played a solo. Yasmeen Ahmad, Tito Osibodu and Bernie Dake lead a season of prayer. David New read scripture and Sarah Munoz gave her testimony. God orchestrated this plan. She talked about the chorus, I'm in His Hands, which tied into the message that the officer prepared. 

I’m in His hands
I’m in His hands
Whatever the future holds
I’m in His hands
The days I cannot see
Have all been planned for me
His way is best
You see...I’m in His hands

After service we went to Pasadena City College for rehearsal on the field for Bandfest. The band practiced getting on and off the field, sorted out where to stand...all that fun stuff.

We had a couple of hours free time in Hollywood. A fun time had by all. The "old" guys had a coffee at the local Starbucks ;) We saw Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kodak Theater...

After all that...we arrived back at camp in time for dinner. The delegates found out what band they made and had a rehearsal until snack time!

It's been a couple of packed days and even our leader is tuckered out. Sorry Nick :)  

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Photo Credit: Laura Dake, Manny Munoz, Stephen Goodier