Bandfest, Rose Parade Rehearsal and Disneyland

A lot has happened since my last post.  We participated at Bandfest. It is like a preview of the bands and sponsored by Remo (drummers will know that name.) The band looked sharp in their red uniforms. William Flinn, CEO of the Tournament of Roses, a Salvationist and Bandmaster of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, took time from his very busy schedule to welcome the band. He gave some advice to our kids. Advice that they can carry throughout their lives and use in any situation.  He said, Don't let anyone or any circumstance steal your joy." Great words!

Here is a video of Bandfest

We met up at Biola University with the rest of the Southern Cal participants for a 3.5 hour Rose Parade rehearsal. Great fellowship, good music and I got to see family. Check out our Facebook Page for more video and photos.

Yesterday was Disneyland! It was the worse weather day we've had. Cloudy, rainy (off and on) and very chilly but it was a great day to relax.

This morning they are in rehearsal for the North American Music School that is happening this week. Then the STYB leaves for Tustin Ranch Corps. We are playing with the Tustin Ranch Band for the New Year's Eve service. Please be in prayer for our young people. They are representing the South very well. Y'all should be proud! 

Tomorrow starts very, very early. Breakfast is at 4:30am and on the bus 5:15am! More to come and see you tomorrow!