Nick Simmons-Smith

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Nick Simmons-Smith is a fifth-generation Salvationist originally from Chelmsford, near London, in the United Kingdom. After graduating with a degree in Music composition and performance from Colchester Institute, Nick moved to the USA in 1998 to work with Bandmaster James Anderson in Dallas, Texas as part of the Divisional Music Department. After nearly 5 years in Dallas, Nick returned to the UK to teach high school music.

He returned to the States in 2004 to direct the Performing Arts program in Dallas. At this time Nick also became engaged to, and eventually married, Roberta Osmond, the Texas Divisional Creative Arts Director.

In April 2008 Nick and Roberta relocated to Atlanta to the Southern Territorial Headquarters where they assumed the roles of Territorial Music Publications and Marketing Specialist and Territorial Creative Arts Director respectively. During this time Nick was responsible for the typesetting of the Southern Territory music publications including the American Instrumental Ensemble Series, Sing Praise!, and Children’s Praise.

In February 2009, Nick succeeded Dr. Richard E. Holz as Territorial Music and Creative Arts Education Secretary – a position Dr. Holz had held for 30 years. Nick enjoys time at home with Roberta, their boys, Jonah and Jamie, and their dog, Padget. Nick also enjoys soccer, baseball, history, reading and an eclectic taste in music.