Solo Night Application

If you would like to audition for our Solo Recital at TMI, please complete this form before you arrive at TMI. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to participate in the recital, and participants will be decided by auditions on the first day of classes. This form is to sign up for an audition time, which you receive shortly after you arrive.

Personal Information
Name *
Division *
Solo Information
What type of solo will you be performing? *
If "Other," please describe in Comments section.
e.g. Pointe Solo, Soprano/Alto Duet, etc.
min. : sec.
Accompanist Information
What type of accompaniment do you need for your solo? *
Note: Accompaniment is not required for the audition, but live accompaniment is needed for the performance. Make sure you have music for you and the accompanist when you arrive at camp!
Do you need an accompanist assigned to you? *
Piano, band, guitar, etc.
If you have already lined up your own.
Technical Needs
Audio Needs *
Check all boxes that apply. If you're not sure, check "other" and describe what you need in the field below.
Stage Crew *
Please list any help you might need from the stage crew for your solo. They will make sure everything is in place before you come on stage.
Please list any assistance you need from the technical crew other than what is listed above. We will do our best to accommodate these requests as we are able.
List any additional information that will be helpful, such as additional participants, etc.