The application to join the Territorial Songster is listed below. Before completing the form, please identify someone who can accompany and/or facilitate your audition, as that is required when you submit the form. The Music Department will need to send sight-singing materials to this person so they can give them to you at the appropriate time on the video.

You can find complete information on the audition here. If you have any questions about completing this form or the application process, please contact Kara Rodriguez (404-728-1300 x10560). 


Full Name *
Full Name
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Birth Date
Must be 18 by September 1.
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Cell Phone
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Home Address
Division *
Briefly describe your involvement in local corps and/or divisional musical ensembles.
Briefly describe your formal musical training, if any.
Current job, officer appointment, or student status
Please write note and octave where middle C is C4. A diagram is displayed below the form.
Part You Prefer to Sing *
Other Part(s) You Are Willing to Sing, if Needed
NOTE: Only include an alternate if you believe you also sing that part comfortably and well.
Accompanist / Facilitator Information
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Accompanist / Facilitator Name *
Accompanist / Facilitator Name
If you have any questions or comments, please note them here. Otherwise, please feel free to follow up by email.

NOTE: Auditions are kept on file for a period of three years to fill any vacancies in the Songsters.