The USA Southern Territorial Songsters were commissioned at the 1992 “Praise Him” Territorial Congress in Atlanta, GA.  During the subsequent years, the Songsters have faithfully supported congresses, annual commissioning weekends and numerous other special events. 

The Southern Territorial Songsters, led by Dr. Beatrice Holz, represent the fifteen states that form the geographically expansive USA Southern Territory with the singers traveling hundreds of miles for rehearsals and territorial events.  A high caliber of musicianship and a strong motivation for an effective music ministry are hallmarks of these men and women.

Mission Statement

The Southern Territorial Songsters exist to glorify God, to present the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, to promote vocal music in The Salvation Army, and to inspire others by modeling excellence in choral singing. 

How Do I Join the Songsters?

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Territorial Songsters? Audition videos for the Songsters are now being accepted! Click here for audition information. 

Territorial Songsters Events