Solo Night Auditions

If you would like to audition for our Solo Recital at TMI, you must complete and submit a video audition. Please read the instructions below carefully! Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to participate in the recital, and participants will be decided by these auditions.


Auditions will be accepted from all TMI delegates with a few guidelines.

  1. You may take part in only one audition (e.g. you may not submit a solo and a duet with someone else). The exception to this is if you serve as an accompanist for someone else, you may still submit a solo audition.

  2. We welcome submissions across all variety of performing arts. Your audition does not need to be on the same instrument or genre that your TMI major is in. For example, a band major may perform a piano solo.

  3. Your audition should be thoroughly prepared. Your audition will be judged on a variety of factors, which vary according to which genre you are in, but excellence both in ability and preparation in your area will be considered.

  4. Accompaniment is optional for the audition, though live accompaniment is required for the performance should you be selected. We will provide an accompanist for you, if needed, but you need to bring appropriate accompaniment music.

    1. The exception to this is for a creative arts performance such as a dance, which is performed to a specific track.

    2. If applicable, brass band accompaniment will only be available to a maximum of three soloists due to rehearsal time constraints.

  5. Audition videos should be no longer than five minutes. If your performance is longer than five minutes, you should edit the video for time or only record an excerpt.

  6. Audition videos must be submitted by July 14 to be considered.

Submitting Your Audition

  1. All videos should be uploaded to YouTube as an Unlisted Video (which will not be available to anyone without the link to the video). Instructions can be found here on how to upload an unlisted video.

  2. Click the button below to complete your application and submit your video link.

Videos must be submitted by July 14, 2019