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Composer Guidelines

Finale Users

We do all of our typesetting in Finale, and if you use Finale, the following template is required. It will help make it easier and faster for everyone (composer, engraver, and editor). The template has been completely updated in Finale 25 and will work in Finale 2014, 2014.5, and 25. Older Finale templates are included only for those who do not use one of these newer versions of Finale.

Current Templates

Using Finale Templates

Using the most current template will ensure that many items are formatted correctly both in positioning and the use of correct fonts. This will make it both easier and faster for you to input and for us to edit.

Note: Some Mac users have had trouble opening this template. The temporary remedy for this is to delete the template file extension (.ftmx) and replace it with the regular Finale extension (.musx). At this point, it becomes a regular Finale file, so you must immediately change the file name or anything you write will be saved over the template.

Finale Percussion Input & Playback

One request that both composers and the editors have made for several years is to make percussion input and playback more simple. While we have made these improvements, the setup is not completely stored within a template and requires some changes to your Finale setup, as well. Detailed instructions on how to complete the setup can be found in the Template Instructions above. This setup will also require the XML file below. Save this to your computer, and the instructions will tell you what to do with it.

Legacy Templates

Sibelius Users

For those who work in Sibelius or any music engraving software other than Finale, please set up your scores in a similar format as the manuscript paper above, and submit all of the following when you complete your scores:

  1. PDF of full score

  2. Audio (e.g. mp3 or MIDI) file

  3. XML file

Manuscript Paper

For those of you who prefer pencil and paper, please find manuscript paper by clicking the buttons below:

When you finish writing, please either scan and email to both Stephen Bulla and Robert Snelson or send by mail to the following address:

Robert Snelson
Music Department
1424 Northeast Expressway
Atlanta, GA 30329