On opening day, auditions will be conducted for placements in bands and choruses, as well as all other major tracks and leadership classes. Delegates are expected to prepare in advance for the auditions so you can do your best! Opening day audition requirements for each TMI major (select only one) are shown here.

Audition materials for all majors are posted below! Download the packet for your major, and start practicing!!

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Some classes fill up quickly, and qualified delegates will be accepted in the order in which they apply.

Major Tracks

Audio Media Majors

Audio Media

Band (Brass & Percussion) Majors

Brass (T.C.)

Bass Trombone (B.C.)


Creative Arts Majors



Musical Theater

Visual Arts

Piano Majors


Worship Team Majors

Worship Team (Chord Charts)

Worship Team (Lead Sheets)

Note: Audition music is available in alternate keys HERE

Leadership Seminars

Choral Leadership

Choral Leadership Interview / Audition

Instrumental Leadership (Levels 1 & 2)

Instrumental Leadership

Arts Leadership (Applied Arts in the Community)

Arts Leadership

Note: Arts Leadership students will also participate in either the Drama or Dance Major

Worship Team Leadership

Chord Charts

Lead Sheets

Note: Audition music is available in alternate keys HERE