Choral Music

Believe it or not, organized choral groups were not used in The Salvation Army for the first several years of its existence. Brass bands were used for worship services in the Army long before choirs were used. But once the Founder gave permission for choirs to be formed, they were given names suitable for the quasi-military structure of The Salvation Army. The adult choir became known as the "Songster Brigade" and the children's choir became the "Singing Company."    Today, many corps still use songsters and singing companies. We have even added a third category of "Youth Chorus" for the teens.  

Territorial Songsters

The Southern Territorial Songsters are the premier choral group in the Southern Territory. They, along with the other territorial music and arts groups, support territorial meetings, especially the annual Commissioning Services, as well as other ministry opportunities around the territory. Click here to find out more about the songsters. 

Territorial Youth Chorus

The newly formed Territorial Youth Chorus sang together for the first time in September of 2016. They were led in 2016 by guest director, Major Len Ballantine, and joined with the Territorial Songsters for an exciting weekend in Oklahoma. If you are interested in joining the Territorial Youth Chorus for the 2017 weekend, click here for more information or to apply!

Choral Publications

The USA Southern Territory began publishing music to support these groups in 1992. Sing Praise  was geared towards youth choruses and songsters in an SAB (Soprano, Alto, Baritone) format and Children's Praise was created to provide music for singing companies. Since the beginning of the publication, each volume has also had a recording available that provides a demonstration and an accompaniment for those groups that do not have piano players. 

In late 2016, we decided to encourage the development of children's choirs by making our Children's Praise publications FREE! Click here to download your copies of the music and recordings!!

Choral Events