The Worship Team has become steadily more popular in The Salvation Army and the church as a whole. The Southern Territory has fostered the growth of worship teams through modeling, creating resources, and through education.

The band transMission is the premier praise band in the territory. They lead worship at many events throughout the territory and occasionally beyond. Their most recent album, We Believe, was released in August 2013. transMission has made a recording approximately every 2 years, and each CD also includes accompaniment tracks along with chord charts and lead sheets of the music on the album. This allows corps with no worship team to have a way to sing along, and it also provides music for existing groups to use! Visit transMission's website to learn more about the group, hear some clips, order their albums, and get resources!


In addition to the free resources that can be found on transMission's website, the Southern Territory has now published three levels of a guitar method book for teaching worship band guitarists. The Contemporary Guitarist: Methods for the Worship Musician  by Jimmy Cox is an excellent resource for learning to play the guitar! Each book includes a DVD of instructional videos and a CD to practice with. 


Worship Team enrollment has steadily grown over the years at TMI. Several years ago, a Worship Team Leadership class was added to the curriculum. More recently a Worship Team Major was added and in 2012, a second level of Worship Team classes were added. This intense week of education has been greatly beneficial to increasing the amount and quality of worship teams across the Southern Territory.

Worship Team Events