Creative Arts Mission Statement

To provide opportunities to encounter God through sincere artistic expressions that reflect the creativity of God Himself.

The Creative Arts


The Creative Arts embrace all art forms as a way of praising God and sharing His story. This can include dance, acting, visual art, media, videography, creative writing, etc, etc, etc. God is the ultimate creator, and we were made in His image. So let’s use our innate creativity to draw closer to Him!

The Creative Arts will often use instrumental and vocal music to enhance their ministry - we are partners in ministry.

Our hope in establishing, maintaining, and growing the Creative Arts ministries in the Southern Territory is to provide even more ways for others to come into connection with Jesus. People are drawn to art, and through their interest in the art form and our programs, they are introduced to their Maker. It’s a beautiful ministry!

Click here to explore specific examples of the many different expressions encompassed by the Creative Arts.

National Dance and Drama Curriculum

Do you want to have a dance or drama ministry at your corps but don't know where to start? Then check out these resources! They give you everything you need to start both groups.  

Creative Arts Events


Territorial Creative Arts Opportunities 

Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble

The Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble is the premiere Creative Arts Group for the Salvation Army Southern Territory. It's foundational purpose is to worship God! Through dance, drama, and musical theater TCAE seek to find creative ways to enhance worship through the arts. The cast is chosen based on annual auditions which come from individuals all over the 15 Southern States. First formed in 2008, TCAE continues to be made up of members who are devoted to stepping out of the spotlight so that God's message can take center stage! 



Worship Arts Retreat 

WAR is a biennial Territorial Training Weekend specific to Corps and Divisional leaders in Contemporary Music in Worship, Drama, Dance, Visual Art, Media, and Audio Tech.

The next WAR will be held in the fall of 2017.